“Abuse of Police Powers”

Benjamin Muzavazi in a plaster after being assaulted by Rhodesville police officersBenjamin Muzavazi one of our clients who wasassaulted by police officers at Rhodesville , resulting in a broken big right toe, bruises on the palate and excruciating pain is under continuous persecution by the police according to his Lawyer, Kenias Shonhai. Shonai feels the police is abusing its powers and continuously harasses Muzavazi. After filing an intention to sue,Benjamin has been arrested and slept in cells at Rhodesville police station twice on flimsy charges of theft. Benjamin repairs cellphones at his Solani base in Epworth. On the first occasion last month he was accused of stealing a cellphone despite him showing the police the people who had brought the cellphone to him for repairs and the people corroborating the facts that they had given him the cellphone for repairs. Despite spending two nights in police cells , one at Rhodesville and the other at Harare Central where the case had been transferred to, charged with receiving stolen property and knowing that it had been stolen hewas released and the police indicated they will proceed by way of summons if they find any case against him. The case number was CR 82/9/15. On Tuesday 13 October, Muzavazi was picked again from his base in Epworth and accused again of receiving stolen property, a dual sim samsung phone and had two nights in cells at Rhodesville until when he went to court case number CR90/10/15. At the courts, the prosecutor refused to prosecute and said there was no case. The same police officers who assaulted him and caused the injuries are the same police officers that are always arresting him. The officers have been identified as Muzarabani ,Rusike, Kahari, Moyo and two other officers whose names are unknown to Muzavazi.

Muzavazi told his Lawyer Mr Kenias Shonhai that the police officers are always threatening him that they will fix and deal with him for suing the police. Shonhai says, Mr Muzavazi has not known peace. “The perpetrators have been using everything within their powers, including abuse of office,to induce the victim to bow down to pressure.”

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