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Governance and Transparency (GTF312) 5th Annual Report (2012 -13)

The Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF312) 5th Annual Report is a consortium progress report of programme activities carried out from April 2012 to March 2013, in pursuance of the GTF312 programme objectives. Read more …GTF312-ANNUAL-REPORT-201213; GTF 312 Annex A4.1 Material produced during te reporting period; GTF312 2013 Annex 1 – Achievement Rating Scale; GTF312 Annex A2- Approved Logframe; GTF312 Annex […]

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Human Rights Research Unit: Annual Report 2006

The Specific objective of the Research unit is “to document, research on, verify and publish incidents of gross violations of human rights in Zimbabwe, particularly those associated with organized violence and torture”. This report documents the unit’s work in 2006, giving short abstracts for all publications and outlining managerial decisions. In total, 5 792 incidents […]

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