Election Situation Room

We will be providing news, views and analyses chronologically on this page. Here on the top you will find an up to date summary to capture the big picture. Please feel free to provide us with any news or alerts at any given point. To access all recent news and alerts on this election (and in fact past elections), visit this page.

8.00 am

‘I cast my vote at 7.04am today. Thousands of determined Zimbabweans are braving the icy weather to do the same. My sisters and brothers – are you doing your civic duty? If you don’t vote, I don’t wanna hear no complaints!’ Irene Petras, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

‘God is in control. Polling officers and party agents joining hands and committing this day and process to God in prayer@Rujeko Admin Block, Masvingo Urban, Precious Chakasikwa, Zimbabwean lawyer and Observer

‘I am at Zengeza Primary School right now!!The mood is so thick you can cut with a hacksaw-Change is sweeping across the country as I write and everyone brought their EVERSHARP’ – Someone from Zengeza

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