International Liaison Office

The International Liason Office (IntLO, London Office) started operations in January 2002 as an initiative by one of the Forum’s member organisations Amani Trust and their international partner Redress, later replaced by MMPZ’ international partner Article 19. In early 2006 IntLO established itself as a registered company and now operates independently.

The registered company, Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum International, has three Directors based in the UK, all Zimbabwean with vast experience with human rights work from Zimbabwe, including from the Forum’s member organisations. The company is run with an own agreement with the headquarters in Harare.

The London office was established against the background of continuing crisis in Zimbabwe, where there was a genuine fear that the Government would crack down on the NGO community. Further, it was imperative that NGOs in Zimbabwe took the initiative to counteract Government propaganda which had reached alarming proportions.


The main objectives for the International Liaison Office are:

  • to co-ordinate the international lobbying work of the Forum, including assessing where it will be useful for the Forum and its member organisations to be represented internationally and preparing delegates representing the Forum at international events;
  • to assist the Forum and its members in their international work, particularly where it can influence the Government and strengthen the national work of the organisations; and
  • to be an outlet for the release of reports that cannot safely be released in Zimbabwe

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