Dealing with Human rights issues profitable

Human Rights are emerging as an employment sector and lawyers dealing with Human Rights violations can still run profitable businesses.

In her presentation at the just ended Lawyers Summer School,  “makinghuman rights make business sense” session sponsored by the Human Rights NGO Forum, Susan Mutambasere said lawyers can still make money when they are dealing with human rights issues.Mutambasere added that companies should internalize human

rights issue into all of their activities.

“As lawyers we need to advise our corporate clients on the observance human rights as they will loose money if there are lawsuits'” Mutambasere said.

Speaking at the same event David Hofisi said those companies’ risks alienating customers when its brand is associated with human rights abuses. He said abuse of human rights  records affect the economics of a country.

“The Funding partners now prefer supporting countries that incorporate human rights in all their programmes”  Hofisi said.


The lawyers urged members of the legal profession to explore ways of dealing with proper consumer protection and said consumers were now at the mercy of service providers who were providing substandard services.



David Hofisi explaining that lawyers can make money handling human rights violations Susan Mutambesere at the making human rights make business sense session

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