Human Rights Education in Lower Gweru

The secret of the Mobile Human Rights Clinics is that they are much more than legal advice. The law is only the beginning, a tool with which people are empowered, develop an awareness of their rights, and gain the confidence and the capacity to claim them. It is from this understanding that, Zimbabwe human rights NGO Forum (Forum) values mobile human rights clinics. On the 22nd of August 2019, the Forum and its member organization, the Zimbabwe Association for Human Rights (ZimRights) took human rights education to doorsteps of the community in lower Gweru. The team from the Forum and ZimRights offered human rights education and free legal advice on different issues in Lower Gweru at Maboleni Business Centre. This human rights education was well received by an exciting community that was eager to learn on human rights issues.

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Report on Lower Gweru Mobile Human Rights Clinic

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