Zanu PF terror campaign haunts its authors

THREE Zanu PF terror campaign leaders in Muzarabani last week had 14 cattle and 10 goats attached by the Mt Darwin Deputy Sheriff to compensate MDC-T activists who lost valuable property in the run-up to the 2008 run-off elections.

On Tuesday last week, the Deputy Sheriff, according to the human rights lawyers, descended on Nixon Kampiyo, Kennedy Honde and Yotamu Munyuruka’s homesteads with a writ of execution granted by the High Court.

Kampiyo lost four cattle, Honde lost six cattle and five goats while Munyuruka lost four cattle and five goats to the Deputy Sheriff.

Taken from Newsday

The execution started in the afternoon at around 2pm and was called off at around 6pm when it became dark with more executions expected this week, targeting 13 other Zanu PF supporters cited in the terror campaign.

This follows a default judgment passed by High Court judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze last year following an application by three terror victims — Gideon Mukoshoware, John Savanhu and Moses Nyabuda — who are all known MDC-T activists.

The court ruled that Mukoshoware should get compensation in the sum of $4 000, Savanhu ($30 000) and Nyabuda ($5 000) from the ruling party activists.

The trio, through their lawyer Tsungai Mutongwizo from the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum applied to have the application granted in default after the other parties failed to enter their appearance to defend notices.

In his application Mukoshoware told the court that Zanu PF activists stormed his homestead in May 2008 and torched his four grass thatched houses.

Savanhu said he encountered a similar incident in April 2008, when six Zanu PF supporters approached his home, singing liberation songs.

Upon getting out in a bid to investigate, he saw his neighbour’s houses in flames prompting him to flee his home and upon return he discovered that the assailants had set alight his houses and destroyed all his property in the process.

Nyabuda said when the attackers arrived at his house, he fled, leaving his family behind and hid close to his home. He said he heard his children crying and when he returned he saw the assailants assaulting his children.

Nyabuda, he managed to take the children away, but the activists set his entire homestead on fire.

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