Celebrating 15 Years of Human Rights Advocacy

This is the special logo, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Forum.The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) today is a coalition of 19 human rights organisations with a vision to see a society that is free from organised violence and torture.  This movement started 15 years ago after the repressive response of the state to the 1998 Food Riots.

Since then, the coalition has become stronger and more coordinated even as the repression increases.  Hundreds of cases have been before the local courts and many decided in favour of the Forum’s victims of organised violence and torture, some have found their way to the regional bodies with the latest verdict of the African Commission being an energizer for the human rights movement in Zimbabwe.

The Forum will organise a number of events to celebrate its anniversary under the theme of “Building National Commitment to a Human Rights Culture”. Watch this space to learn more about them in the weeks to follow.


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