Open Letter To The Chairperson Of the SADC Organ On Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation

Your Excellency,

We address you on the basis of your mandateas the overseer of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation(hereinafter referred to as ‘The Organ’). Particularly drawing your attention to The Organ’s mandate in terms of the Protocol on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation, Article 11 (3) (b) to “…establish an early warning system in order to facilitate timeous action to prevent the outbreak and escalation of conflict”, which guided by the Strategic Indicative Plan for the Organ on Defence, Politics and Security (SIPO) led to the creation of the Regional Early Warning Centre. All this meant to affirm SADC’s concern not only with resolving intra and inter-state conflicts but also to anticipate and prevent the outbreak of violent conflicts in and between member states.
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