Statement by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum on the attack on the Pro-Senate faction of the MDC

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum is appalled by the savage and barbaric attack on members of the Pro-Senate faction of the MDC, Ms Trudy Stevenson, MP for Harare North, Mr Linos Mushonga the faction’s acting organising secretary for Harare province and Mrs Simangile Manyere, the provincial treasurer. The attack was alleged to have been perpetrated by youths of the Anti-Senate faction of the MDC over the weekend. They are also reported to have stolen cash, cell phones and other property from the victims.

The Forum, a coalition of 16 human rights NGOs, works towards the reduction of organized violence and torture in Zimbabwe by representing victims in claiming compensatory damages against the perpetrators and producing Monthly Political Violence Reports.

The Forum therefore condemns violence of any sort and castigates the alleged perpetrators of the above-mentioned incident in the strongest possible terms. The Forum urges all political parties to observe democratic processes and the constitutional entitlements of the people. The Forum further urges the responsible authorities to investigate and bring the alleged perpetrators to book.

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