Our publications cover the human rights situation in Zimbabwe and represent a unique resource for governments, NGOs, journalists, academics and human rights activists. Regularly featured in the global media, they offer a compelling analysis of the human rights developments that is based original research.

Our current publications – including reports from our members – cover a wide spectrum of human rights and can be accessed below.

Our monthly human rights bulletin has been published since the Forum’s foundation, with some interruptions, and spans over 80 issues. We also published more than 90 monthly political violence reports, but please note that this series was discontinued in 2009. Other reports covering political violence can be accessed here. Recently, we began a new series of biannual human rights reports.

Please note that many of our publications do not fall in any of these categories, hence they can best be accessed in the complete publications archive, where an advanced search is available to filter them quickly and conveniently by theme and source.

We also plan to gather all key documents on human rights in Zimbabwe (e.g. national legislation, UPR reports, decisions of the African Commission on Zimbabwe), to be published soon.

Our most recent publications

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