Human Rights Research Unit: Annual Report 2006

The Specific objective of the Research unit is “to document, research on, verify and publish incidents of gross violations of human rights in Zimbabwe, particularly those associated with organized violence and torture”. This report documents the unit’s work in 2006, giving short abstracts for all publications and outlining managerial decisions.

In total, 5 792 incidents were reported in 2006, a huge total of 368 torture cases were recorded. Moreover, 1 566 violations against freedom of expression and association were recorded, 1 460 and 1 457 violations of unlawful arrests and unlawful detentions respectively, 55 displacements as well as 296 on political discrimination, victimization and intimidation.

Some problems related to the data are noted in the report with regard to its exhaustiveness and consistency. However, it is noted that the scope of violations was rather recorded as too little than to big.

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