Isolated cases of human rights violations in June 2006

The month of June was characterized by a decline in the cases of human rights violations, particularly those related to organized violence and torture. This can be attributed to a low profile in terms of activities in civil society. Usually cases of organized violence and torture are on the increase during major political events such as elections and demonstrations organized by some civic groups.

This is a trend that the Forum has witnessed. This decline may also be attributed to violations not having been reported to the Forum at all or for them to be incorporated into the monthly report timeously.

Isolated cases of human rights violations continue to take place. A victim was arrested near Harvest House and was taken to Harare Central Police Station where he was unlawfully detained for four days. He was heavily assaulted and denied food whilst he was in the police cells. He was only released after the court had established that he had no case to answer.

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