Organised Violence and Torture in Zimbabwe in 1999

A report by the Human Rights Legal Unit of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Non-Governmental Organisations Forum in conjunction with the AMANI Trust.

Although gross human rights violations are always a cause for concern the context is always of enormous importance. Gross human rights violations occurring against a background of socio-economic stability and good governance are clearly a very different matter to such events occurring within a conflict situation or in a rapidly destabilising situation. In the latter situation there is usually the prospect of an increase sometimes a massive increase – as in the case of Rwanda or Sierra Leone – and this requires all concerned persons to consider emergency action.

The situation in Zimbabwe is undoubtedly a cause for major concern. Since the formation of the Human Rights Forum –
in the midst of riots and civil disturbance – the socio-political situation has been deteriorating at an alarming rate. The near-demolition of the Zimbabwean economy has resulted in a huge increase in the number of very poor people and rampant inflation with massive and constant prices increases. There seems very little evidence that the ZANU-PF government has any policy in place to deal with these problems.

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