At Best a Falsehood, At Worst a Lie Comments on the Zimbabwe Republic Police Reports

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have recently issued two reports, entitled “Opposition Forces in Zimbabwe: A Trail of Violence” (the first report) and “Opposition Forces in Zimbabwe: The Naked Truth, Volume 2”. (the second report). The reports seek to portray opposition parties and civic organisations as grouped together (with the aid and assistance of foreign governments – their “neo-colonial masters”) for the purpose of violently overthrowing the government of President Robert Mugabe.

The present report deals with the factual claims made by the ZRP publications and finds them to be often made up or severely twisted. This is why following that reasons for their publication are investigated.

The ZRP reports appear to be part of a new public relations offensive by the Zimbabwean government, which has also recently paid for extensive advertising to improve its image in publications elsewhere. The offensive may well be partly motivated by a perceived need to counter the massive and negative publicity generated by the arrest of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and civic leaders following their attempt to hold a meeting on March 11th 2007.

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