Research and Documentation Unit

The Research and Documentation Unit (RU) is primarily responsible for the production of the Forum’sreports on human rights violations in Zimbabwe and its human rights bulletins which discuss various human rights. The unit is also responsible for maintaining the Forum’s database.

The Research Unit (RU) main objective is:

To document, research on, verify and publish incidents of gross violations of human rights in Zimbabwe, particularly those associated with organized violence and torture.

In pursuit of this overall objective, the RU is involved in the following activities,

  • Data Collection and data base maintenance
  • Production and publishing of reports (Special and ad hoc reports, Monthly Human Rights Reports and Fact Sheets)
  • Preparation of press statements to mark significant events


  1. Produced the 2009 Annual Human Rights Report.
  2. The Research Unit has documented over 8 000 cases of OVT.
  3. The Unit has published 49 Bulletins on different human rights thematic issues, 109 monthly political violence reports, 7 fact sheets, 15 special reports and has made 102 Press Statements on different significant events.

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