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Revisiting the Commonwealth and Zimbabwe: What is to be Done?

In this document, the Forum analyses the government of Zimbabwe’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth and Commonwealth actions towards Zimbabwe. It is argued that the Commonwealth should remain engaged with Zimbabwe, despite the withdrawal and that the work done in South Africa during the Apartheid regime stands as a case in point in that regard. The […]

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International Liaison Office: Annual Report 2003

Introduction 2003 was a very exciting year in the international field, in which the IntLO was able to successfully contribute to a number of events. IntLO focuses on intergovernmental organizations, in particular the AU, Commonwealth, EU and UN. The most important work was in relation to the Commonwealth, where the beginning of the year saw […]

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International Liaison Office: Annual Report 2002

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum), which is a cooperation of 13 human rights organisations in Zimbabwe, in late 2001 found it necessary to establish an office outside the country. There were three main reasons for this; Firstly, the pressure on the Forum and its member organisations from the State machinery, including the […]

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