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An Examination of ZEC’s Management of the 2013 Elections

The manner in which the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) conducted the 31st July, 2013 general election has been the subject of much discussion. The timeliness of this report, coming as it does sixteen months after the poll, may also seem redundant. However, several events make it necessary to highlight and bring to the fore once […]

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An examination of the vote in Hamonised July 2013 Election- RAU

Abstract This report is the complete version of the shortened paper that can also be found on the website []. The central concern of the report is an attempt to fathom the source of the remarkable number of votes garnered by President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF party in the “harmonised” July 2013 election […]

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African Union Final Report on Zimbabwean 2013 Elections

The Report of African Union Election Observation Mission to the 31st July 2013 harmonised elections in Zimbabwe which can be accessed here; AUEOM REPORT ZIMBABWE 2013 makes the following recommendations in paragraph 82: In general, while the AUEOM observes that the 31 July 2013 Harmonised Elections in Zimbabwe were professionally and successfully conducted by the ZEC despite […]

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