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Political Repression Disguised as Civic Mindedness: Operation Murambatsvina One Year Later

This report makes an audit of whether or not the government of Zimbabwe has addressed the concerns of the UN and implemented the recommendations of the UN Special Envoy on Human Settlement regarding major devastations and large-scale suffering following “Operation Murambatsvina”. Operation Murambatsvina was launched in May 2005, supposedly to put a stop at illegal […]

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Exploring Transitional Justice Options in Contemporary Zimbabwe

The situation in Zimbabwe presents a related, yet somewhat different, challenge to traditional post-conflict transitional justice situations. As the country remains in the grip of a repressive nationalistic regime, prospects for meaningful change in the short term remain doubtful. Indeed, the situation looks set to continue deteriorating, especially in the wake of ZANU(PF)’s victory in […]

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High levels of political violence in 2005, marked rise from previous years

2005 cannot be regarded as a good year in the life of Zimbabwe. With yet another disputed Parliamentary election and the mass displacements that took place under Operation Murambatsvina, there were increasingly calls for Zimbabwe to be investigated for crimes against humanity. The year ended with an exceedingly strong resolution from the African Commission on […]

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