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The Situation of Peace and Security in Zimbabwe

At the African Union summit in Addis Ababa the Forum gave a presentation on the situation with regard to peace and security in Zimbabwe. While touching upon the political, economic and social crisis, particular focus is laid on the humanitarian and human rights situation, which are found to be precarious. Finally, the international community – […]

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Zimbabwe’s Failure to Meet the Benchmarks in the Cotonou Agreement

Unlike its predecessor, the Cotonou Agreement expanded the cooperation between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States into the political sphere, explicitly giving cognisance to the fact that issues of governance are inseparable from economic development. This aspect of the agreement has been successively strengthened, particularly through amendments introduced by Annexure […]

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Political Repression Disguised as Civic Mindedness: Operation Murambatsvina One Year Later

This report makes an audit of whether or not the government of Zimbabwe has addressed the concerns of the UN and implemented the recommendations of the UN Special Envoy on Human Settlement regarding major devastations and large-scale suffering following “Operation Murambatsvina”. Operation Murambatsvina was launched in May 2005, supposedly to put a stop at illegal […]

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As Operation Murambatsvina continues, humanitarian catastrophe unfolds

“Operation Murambatsvina” (Operation Restore Order) continued in the month of June leading to problems for civil society, which resulted in fewer reports being compiled because the displaced people could not access the services of human rights organizations. This accounts for the few cases recorded in this report. NGO’s had to restructure their operations in order […]

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